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These are some of the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS most should go over with any DJ before booking a future event. If you do have any other questions not listed below, please feel free to CONTACT US at your convenience. 


Will you be the DJ at our Wedding Reception?


Yes, the DJ you speak within our company will be the DJ you speak with from start to finish of the wedding process. Your DJ will be specified on your wedding contract and will not be deviated from unless (family emergency or sickness.) We value ourselves not only on being DJ's but reliable wedding consultants that can be there for you when need and help you plan your wedding day from start to finish. 


Do you Offer a Wedding Contract?

Yes we at DJOC LLC have a contract listed out for us both to go over.


Will we meet up before our wedding reception?


Yes! We will have several meetings before your big day. If you require our services we will meet up as soon as possible and go over our wedding reception guide which will in detail go over all of our serivces we have to offer. At this time we will aslo sign our contract that each party will get a copy of. After this inital meeting if any other meetings are needed between the bride and groom we will schedule times that cooridnate between both partiess. Once the week of the wedding is in site all parties will meet up and go over name pronunciations and finalize any changes the bride and groom may have at that time. 


Do you take song request from our guests?

Yes, a majority of the songs we will play will come from your song request list but not all your songs will fill a block of the night. Guest requests are encouraged as this will help get your guest more involved in your big day.


When do you arrive to set up?


We are set up and ready to go an hour to an hour an a half before your wedding reception even starts. If we are providing wedding audio the same time frame applies.


Are you insured?/ Do you bring back up equipment?


Yes! we are fully insured and bring back up equipment to each event.


Do you have an references?


Yes! We have many and are more than willing to provide references on request, and you can view our RAVES.


What if you are sick or unable to make it to my event?

If this issue arrises a secondary DJ who is trained in the process of what we do at DJOC LLC will be used as a backup. If a secondary DJ is not available than a company that is reputable in status will be contacted to fill in for your wedding date.


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